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About us

Project management is our core business. Here, we focus on the management and controlling of all aspects of the planning and construction process. Today’s real estate projects are highly complex and risk-prone. As a result, we aim to shorten construction times and deliver sustainable quality. We strive for “Quality in the best possible time” and use dynamic project management to achieve this. This means that we think and act in commercial terms and work with highly effective teams in flexible corporate structures. Our motto is “Managing instead of documenting”.

Efficient communication ensures an effective workflow at all times. As a result, we at WITTE pay particular attention to the positive interaction between all stakeholders, both internally and externally. This ensures the optimal use of time and capital resources.

The project success of our customers is critical to us: whether the construction volume is €10 million or €300 million. To ensure this, we place great emphasis on the flexible thinking and responsible action of our project managers. For the successful completion of construction projects, we also offer comprehensive engineering expertise in all phases of real estate development in conjunction with the ECG group of companies. From property consolidation through to operation.

“For us, project management means to develop the ideas of the client further and successfully implement them according to their wishes – as service provider and responsible partner. In doing so, it is our objective to produce quality in the best possible time.” Marco Witte, Managing Director