Project controlling

The earlier that effective controlling starts to accompany the construction process, the greater the potential cost savings. Depending on the needs and wishes of the client, WITTE assumes the controlling of the project, planning, and contract. In addition to controlling on behalf of the buyer, the contributor of capital, the investor or the user, WITTE also takes on the accompanying controlling for project developers and builders.

In the preparation phase we identify the requirements, create and test the construction, functional and performance specifications, and research and provide information about special and alternative solutions. We carry out a process optimisation analysis and check important payment modalities. We examine existing contracts based on technical and commercial criteria.

During construction, we monitor compliance with the contractual specifications, including time schedules and the global contractual obligations of the contractors. We document the processes and evaluate supplementary offers. Last but not least we support the defence against unjustified third-party claims.

Diligence, comprehensive industry and market knowledge, as well as technical and legal skills are prerequisites for successful controlling.