Project control

When WITTE provides project control, it relieves the client of all tasks that can be delegated, and consistently acts to represent their interests.

Together with our client, we define the quantitative and qualitative project objectives and guidelines, which we coordinate and control during the planning phase. As part of this process, we place great importance on the efficient integration of the client’s requirements. We organise the plan server and establish a project-specific change management system.

Draft planning is considered by us to be a special priority of the planning process. We make sure that a planning phase is completed.

During construction, we monitor in the interest of the client that the stated objectives are complied with, particularly in regard to project organisation, qualities and quantities, as well as costs and dates. If there are deviations, we implement suitable measures to reach the project objective without any restrictions.

Flexibility, a sense of proportion and assertiveness are essential for responsible and competent project control.