Process management

As part of process management, WITTE relieves the client of all business processes that are relevant to a project. This comprehensive service offering is of particular benefit to public authorities and commercial enterprises that want to carry out their own construction project.

WITTE represents the interests of the client at the – often sensitive – interface between processes that are internal and external to the organisation. So that the resulting building exactly meets the needs and wishes of the customer. The objective is also the optimal implementation of the project from an economic and scheduling perspective.

We therefore coordinate all structures and interfaces required to achieve this. By focusing the internal interests and providing technical advice to the client, we pave the way for timely and targeted decisions. In addition, we become involved in contract negotiations as the client’s advisor or representative and ensure that the construction project is completed in a timely as well as sustainable manner.

We also provide these services in-house on request. In this case, our process manager works directly on-site in the client’s company on the basis of a service contract.

The process manager is characterised by a very strong sense of responsibility, interpersonal skills, and comprehensive as well as detailed project management experience.