BIM Management

Building Information Modeling (BIM) combines technology and integrated collaboration, thus allowing for more efficient control of the critical project parameters costs, deadlines and quality – from planning and implementation to operation. If implemented properly, project risks can be minimised beyond what is customary, regardless of the size of a project.

First, it is necessary to identify the areas where BIM can create added value for the company and/or project, as well as the processes that can be optimised as a result. To this end, the specific objectives behind the application of the BIM approach at the company and within the project must be defined, and the same is true of the requirements for efficient data management to generate increased efficiency in asset management.

WITTE Projektmanagement has adopted BIM Management and provides support both in the lead-up and during the implementation of BIM projects: together we will assemble the necessary skills and develop the right strategy for your project, while always keeping in mind your internal requirements and objectives. Our way of implementing the BIM method is tailored to your project, selecting appropriate processes, technologies and standards as well as building BIM-capable project teams. We control the ongoing BIM processes and handle interface coordination for the full duration of the project and across the entire value chain of the building.