Different certification systems to assess the sustainability of a building have been developed for about 25 years. WITTE works with LEED, BREEAM and DGNB, the three systems that are most important and well established in Europe. Developers, investors but also owner-occupiers and tenants increasingly ask about these sustainability labels. In simplified terms, their differences are that the American LEED puts a very large emphasis on ecological aspects. In contrast, the British BREEAM integrates additional economic parameters. The German DGNB, the youngest of the three systems, adds technical and social criteria to this. Over the years, the labels have become similar to each other in many respects, yet still retain market-specific and object-specific features.

Which certification system is the right one? It depends on the individual case which system is best suited to a project. Marketing aspects are crucial for the choice – who is the buyer or tenant? Or aspects regarding the object category and priorities of investment objectives: Should the image be improved? Do energy costs have to be kept low? Is it about the life cycle of the building or do health aspects take priority? Our sustainability experts identify and recommend the most suitable certificate in each case, based on a wide range of diverse issues.